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It’s fair to say I’m a different kind of book editor. I’ve been in this career for nearly twenty years, and I believe editing should be a deep, meaningful experience. It should guide both you and your manuscript to full potential. It should be empowering, positive, and transformative. That’s why I go deeper with immersion editing.

You need a professional edit.
You deserve an immersion experience.
Let’s go deeper.

Professional Edit

You need a professional edit.
You deserve an immersion experience.

Immersion Editing

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Immersion Editing

There’s editing—and then there’s immersion editing. Most editors operate only on the surface, barely dipping their toes into the water. It’s a detached, mechanical process. At most, they’ll catch your typos.

But with immersion editing, I go deeper. I immerse myself in your manuscript, internalizing your message, your vision, your voice. It’s a deeper level of understanding. I also immerse myself in a relationship with you, creating a positive dynamic built on trust, respect, and rapport. It’s a deep connection as we dive into this creative journey together.



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So, you’ve taken your manuscript as far as you can on your own. Now’s the perfect time to dive in together. With the assessment, I’ll immerse myself as both a reader and an editor. With focused feedback, I’ll help you determine what your manuscript needs and what your next best step might be.

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Full Immersion Edit

Are you ready to take the plunge into editing? If so, this is the ultimate immersion experience. It’s a custom blend of workshopping, developmental editing, content editing, and copyediting, all in one seamless process. It’s an empowering journey of growth for both you and your manuscript.

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Knowledge is meant to be shared. So when I’m not immersed in manuscripts, I lead classes for authors as well as editors. With authors, I share my insight on writing, revising, editing, and publishing. With editors, I share my vision of immersion editing, encouraging them to take their careers deeper.

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